Originally from Brasil, Pri has made Oregon her home-base while her and her family moved around with Nike, exploring fruitful life+work opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Pri’s current role at Nike is Global VP of Brand Marketing for Nike Running, her dream job, as it involves inspiring and serving people who run, so they can experience and often change their lives through the power of the run.

In addition to running and sports in general, Art has also played an important role in Pri’s life.  As a marketing professional, she’s always been in contact with creatives and understands the positive impact of art, for creators and recipients.  In addition, her sister, who’s always been an inspiration to her, is an artist and has always used art to positively impact people’s lives, including children.

Pri connected to CHAP through a friend’s invitation to CHAP’s Art Studio during the Holidays.  Her kids (Rossi 9, Indy 5) loved it, and she was hooked.

Pri is excited to help support CHAP’s impact and growth with her energy, passion and marketing experience.