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Art Club is an extension of CHAP hospital art-making programs, and is open to any child experiencing a medical or mental health challenge. Art Club is a wonderful way for kids to express themselves, get creative, make some messy art (we clean it up!), meet new friends, and build community. We invite siblings and families to join the fun, too! Best of all – Art Club is completely free.

The magic of Art Club happens onsite at the CHAP Art Studio, with virtual options available via Zoom. In-person Art Club takes place every Thursday from 4-5pm, with the exception of the 2nd week of the each month when we host virtual art-making. We’re excited for you to enjoy child-directed, creative, healing art magic with other kids and families!

To join Art Club in person, all you have to do is show up during a session! To join Art Club via Zoom, please email or call 503-243-5294 to get on our email list. Zoom instructions and materials lists are sent out prior to each session, so please let us know that you are joining the fun!

About Art Club

Designed for children who are healthy enough to live at home or are in out-patient treatment, Art Club is an opportunity to gather in-person or via Zoom to meet new friends, get super-creative, and have a ton of fun. Siblings and other family members are invited as well, since we know that everyone in the family is impacted when a child is facing medical or mental health challenges. Art Club is always FREE!

Art Club In-Person

Any child with a medical challenge can join! Siblings are invited as well. There will be a general theme each week for inspiration, but art-makers are always welcome to join and create whatever they’d like or just hangout and get inspired. We would love to see you and whatever you create!

Art Club via Zoom

Any child with a medical or mental health challenge can join! Siblings are invited as well. Art-makers are welcome to follow along with the creative theme of the day or work on something completely different. We make space for every child to do or experience whatever creative outlet they need in that very moment. Email or call 503-243-5294 to get on our email list and so we can send you the Zoom link and materials list each week if you prefer a virtual format.

We can’t wait to see you!