Honor Hehn

Hospital-Based Teaching Artist

Honor is a Portland native currently earning her BA in Art Practices at Portland State University. Her focus is illustration but she recently started exploring painting and printmaking. She has always loved kids so she was thrilled to learn about CHAP while applying to be a volunteer at OHSU. Honor was immediately impressed by CHAP’s…

David Hicks

CHAP Board Treasurer

David Hicks, Director of Sales On Premise, Ripe Craft Juicery

Lori Long

CHAP Board Member

Dina Khoury

CHAP Board Member

Dina is an Oregon native who moved back home after many years building her marketing career in New York, which included co-founding a digital marketing and technology company, Velocidi. She is currently assistant vice president of marketing strategy at The Standard. Working with and for children has been an integral part of Dina’s life, including…

Fardad Yamin

CHAP Advisory Board Member

Fardad joined Intel Corp. in 1984 after receiving his MS in electrical engineering from Oregon State University. He stayed with Intel for nearly 32 years until his retirement this past June. His focus at Intel was on manufacturing health and operational excellence in the first two decades of his career. During the last decade, Fardad…

Dayna Cakebread

CHAP Board Member

Dayna Cakebread joined CHAP in February 2015. Her daughter Stella was introduced to CHAP during her 7 months at Doernbechers Children Hospital in 2010, while battling for her life. Stella is now cancer free and has been since 2011. The family fell in love with CHAP teachers and art club during their stay. Dayna is…

Faye Pendergrass

Program Manager

Faye lives in a world where there is no separation between art and life, believing everyone is creative and it’s just a matter of finding one’s “voice.” Graduating from the University of Oregon’s Arts Administration program, Faye has created and developed award-winning art programs, festivals, art auctions and activities reaching “kids of all ages.” Working…

Sarah Panetta

Executive Director

Sarah was lucky to grow up with a mom who made playdough, wasn’t afraid of finger-painting and secured a retired school chalkboard – and found a wall big enough to hang it. Most of Sarah’s creative energy went into writing, which led to an English major from Wesleyan University and eventually a career in fundraising…

Grace Littig

Operations & Outpatient Program Coordinator

Born and raised in the coastal town of Ventura, California, Grace relocated to Portland in 2009 to pursue a BA in Child and Family Studies at Portland State University. Grace first came to CHAP as an intern and immediately fell in love with the approach to art CHAP embodies. Grace thoroughly enjoys working with children,…

Mary Miller Doyle

Hospital-Based Teaching Artist

Born and raised in Portland, Mary graduated with an arts degree from University of Oregon and then studied illustration at The Art Institute of Boston. Living in the charming seaside town of Nahant, Massachusetts, she encountered an incredible group of artists who encouraged her to exhibit her paintings in Boston. She continued showing her work…