Community Outreach

Throughout the year, CHAP hosts activities and works with community partners to raise awareness and spread joy and healing through art.

Activities include:

  • Inviting in-service groups to volunteer together at CHAP
  • Hosting Team Building events
  • Encouraging third-party events to benefit CHAP
  • Hosting Art Parties
  • Displaying CHAP art and information in business windows and community boards
  • Providing activities for kids at local farmers markets and events
  • Participating in the annual Art Supply Drive in January
  • Encouraging local businesses and community groups to host their own Art Supply Drives for children in area hospitals

To learn more or to get involved, contact Faye at or call 503-243-5294.

“Working with Faye from CHAP was such a wonderful experience. She guided our team through a beautifully calming and artistic paint activity at our Wellness Institute.”

“We would love to have her [Faye] back next year.” – Crystal, Portland Public Schools

“It was re-energizing to see everyone. While we ‘see’ each other regularly, it can sometimes feel like we’re going at it alone; at least for me it does. Friday was a great reminder that we’re a team, and for me it had a ‘recalibrating’ effect.” – Adam B., Nike