Summer Art Workshop

Registration is OPEN for our Inclusive Summer Art Workshops!

Voted BEST Arts & Crafts/Classes and Camps by PDXParent readers three years running

Join us for amazing creative sessions that include everything from puppets and miniatures to mask-making and abstract art!  CHAP is hosting three 4-day workshops and four 1-day sessions (one is virtual). It’ll be a Summer your child will never forget!

Questions? Email or call 503-243-5294

4-Day Workshops

10am-1pm each day

  • Puppet Palooza! July 18th – July 21st (in-person)

    Let’s explore the art of puppetry and all the magical puppet styles and forms. This could include the making and manipulation of puppets, shadow play, and a possible multi-day collaborative puppet!

  • Magical Miniatures! July 25th – July 28th (in-person)

    Get ready to get small and enter the world of miniatures! This workshop will focus on all things miniature, including the building of miniature structures, habitats, creatures, characters, furniture, and everything mini in between!

  • Fantastical Fiber Art August 1st – August 4th (in-person) SOLD OUT!

    Time to get tactile! We will explore the fantastical world of fiber art in this workshop. Projects may include sewing, felting, rug-making, handmade paper art, and fabric dyeing!


Dailies Workshops

10am-1pm each day, except for virtual (10am-12pm)

  • Sculptural Serenity August 8th (virtual)

    Let’s relax and get sculptural! This virtual workshop will focus on free-flow sculpting and the peaceful making of sculptural creations. Each participant will be sent a box filled with sculptural CHAP-iness. Boxes may include clay, model magic, paper mache, and other materials to make their sculptural creations come to life! This workshop will take place via Zoom.

  • Marvelous Mask-Making! August 9th (in-person)

    Masks- even the simplest ones- powerfully change the human face. We will explore this idea and the art of mask-making, utilizing different mediums and materials to create our own expressive and unique masks.

  • Free Flowin’ August 10th (in-person)

    Cause I’m free, free flowin’! Join us as we free flow through abstract expressionism, gestural/action painting, lyrical, and geometric abstraction! This workshop will focus on using gestural movement and marks, forms, and colors to express one’s self in the ultimate free-form and messy CHAP way!
  • Creature Creations! August 11th (in-person)

    Have you always dreamed of creating your own magical creature or character? Then this workshop is for you! Join us as we explore the art of creating whimsical creatures and characters, both big and small. This could include 3-D and 2-D projects, utilizing all kinds of different mediums. The only limit is your imagination!