Lori Long

CHAP Board President

Sumi Kim

CHAP Board Vice President

Originally from the East Coast, Sumi started out as a studio art major at NYU, but ended with a B.S. in applied psychology. She moved to Los Angeles and attended Pepperdine University where she eventually received her M.A. in clinical psychology. During this time she interned as a group facilitator at a center for grieving children called Our…

Adrienne W. Whitworth

CHAP Board Secretary

David Hicks

CHAP Board Treasurer

David has been in the beverage industry for the last 24 years helping to build premium products into national brands. His exposure to CHAP through friends, family and great “Chappy” events created a desire to work with the program in a larger capacity.

Nisha Hall

CHAP Board Member

Nisha is a Portland, Oregon native who began hand-sewing clothes for her dolls at age 5. Her love of the arts grew throughout her childhood after taking art classes at a local community center. Nisha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon and a Masters degree in Educational Psychology…

Courtney Davies

CHAP Board Member

Dina Khoury

CHAP Board Member

Dina is an Oregon native who moved back home after many years building her marketing career in New York, which included co-founding a digital marketing and technology company, Velocidi. She is currently assistant vice president of marketing strategy at The Standard. Working with and for children has been an integral part of Dina’s life, including…

Kate L. Moore

CHAP Board Member

Kate Moore is an attorney who works with clients as they navigate natural resource and environmental legal challenges. Her natural resource practice is primarily focused on water law, in both transactional matters and litigation. Communicating effectively with state and federal agencies and coordinating with environmental and natural resource consultants are important parts of Kate’s success…