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The CHAPpy Feet Challenge FUNdraiser:


How it works:

1. Make art with your feet or make your feet art: the only limit is your imagination.
2. Post a photo or video of your artwork @chappdx #chappyfeet on Instagram or the
CHAP Facebook page and tag your friends to do the same within 48 hours.
3. Donate $10 to participate, or $50 if you get tagged and choose to pass.


All funds benefit Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP)
and our mission to bring the healing power of art to children and families facing medical challenges.

How to make art with your feet:

-Grab some paint/paintbrush, markers, crayons, or pencils (whatever you want to use!)

-Tape some paper to the floor

-Place a chair or stool next to the paper

-Set up your video or have a friend film/photograph you

-Sit in the chair, put the paintbrush/marker/crayon/pencil between your toes. 

-Start making art with your feet!

or make your feet art

– Same setup but you decorate your feet using paint, glue, or any materials you want.

Ideas for materials include pencil, pen, paint, crayon, marker, pastels, glue, glitter glue, shaving cream with food coloring, cooked spaghetti,
lipstick…or whatever you have around the house.


Why take on the challenge?

The CHAPpy Feet Challenge is a FUNdraiser to help people at home experience the healing power of art and
raise money to keep CHAP’s mission in action: to bring the healing power of
art to children and their families facing health challenges.

Tag, you’re it!