Sarah was lucky to grow up with a mom who made playdough, wasn’t afraid of finger-painting and secured a retired school chalkboard – and found a wall big enough to hang it. Most of Sarah’s creative energy went into writing, which led to an English major from Wesleyan University and eventually a career in fundraising and nonprofit administration. Later she added a Master’s in Organizational Management to her credentials.

After a decade working at Harvard Business School and another decade working at the Mayo Clinic, Sarah moved to Portland in 2010 to serve as vice president of development for Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Foundation. In late 2013 she started her own consulting practice, and that led her to join CHAP as interim executive director in January 2014. Little did she expect that CHAP would steal her heart and that she would accept the role of executive director as of November 1, 2015. Sarah is on-site at CHAP three days per week and continues consulting on the side.