Welcome to CHAP In a Box!

This program is intended to bring CHAP art experiences to the comfort of your own home. We hope you’ll provide us feedback + share your art with us, but most importantly we hope you enjoy making art at home!

Special Thanks

We are grateful to the Juan Young Trust and the MillsDavis Fund of the Edwin W. and Catherine M. Davis Foundation for making this pilot program a reality.

What is CHAP in a Box and how did it get started?

Studies show the impact creating art has on improving health and reducing stress. Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) has been able to create programs that spark imaginations and provide some amount of joy during very stressful times. Since 2006, this has been especially true for families in the hospital for extended stays.

We are the only program in Oregon that continues the connection after the hospital, through Art Club at our studio. While going home has been long-anticipated, families often discover new stresses; creating art with CHAP provides a measure of continuity and familiarity while reintegrating with their previous lives.

However, when a family is returning from the Portland area to their homes in The Dalles, Redmond, Klamath Falls, or other areas, the opportunity to continue with CHAP disappears. Our goal is to extend the healing power of art to Oregonians who may not live close enough to the Portland area to benefit from our work in person. We are researching and hoping to develop a mechanism to provide “CHAP in a Box” at no cost to children and families facing medical challenges.


What’s in the Box?

In your first box, you’ll receive so many different things, all related to the theme of painting. You may already know that at CHAP, there is no right or wrong way to make art! We encourage you to use these materials as you wish, Get messy! Have fun!

Remember to be safe and use necessary precautions such as aprons and tablecloths.


Need Help Getting Started?

There’s so many different ways to paint! We developed a series of youtube tutorials to inspire you to use the materials provided in different ways.





Tell Us What you think!

We hope that you will enjoy keeping in touch with CHAP in this way and that the healing power of art will be present in your life after you have left the hospital. Your feedback on this experience is important to us!

A survey is included in each box.  Not only is this a way for us to receive your feedback, it is how you continue to participate in the program and have CHAP mailed directly to your home!

Please complete the form and send it back to us in order to continue to participate in CHAP In a Box.

We’d love to see what you make!

Send your photos to info@chap.name and tag us on social media!

Twitter/instagram/Pinterest @chappdx    Facebook: @childrenshealingartproject